Vera Colodney

A few years ago my husband and I got the opportunity to move to Budapest, Hungary with his accounting firm.  The whole thing was super exciting: a new life, a new country, new adventures, and, to add a cherry on top, I found out I would also have our beautiful baby girl over there.  All of this sounds great except fast forward half a year and I was a new mom with a very needy newborn, no sleep, no social life, and somewhere around 20 extra pounds, which come to find out, did NOT disappear immediately after the baby was born.  I needed something to get me out of the house, back in shape, and honestly a little interaction with adults probably wouldn’t hurt.  

So on a tiny island in the middle of the Danube River, I took my first CrossFit beginner’s class five months post-partum, 3 days after my 30th birthday, with no athletic background of any sort (unless you count marching band?) and with no idea what I was in for.   I may or may not have cried, complained, and used every swear word in every language I could use, but I kept going back and slowly…like the kind of slow that makes you think nothing is happening… I started to enjoy myself.  I started being able to do things I’ve never done before in my life, even as a kid!  Step by step I checked off little milestones: first 400 m run without stopping, first time actually putting weights on a barbell, first rope climb, first real push up, pull up, hand stand kick up, etc.  And just like that, I was addicted.  I fell in love with CrossFit because, yes it did help me get my “old” body back, but it also made me into someone fearless, tenacious, and even slightly competitive.  I also found my “second family” in our little box in Budapest.  In our travels, dropping in at local boxes became part of our vacations and I quickly discovered just how globally accepting and encouraging CrossFit can be. 

Moving back to Texas I knew I wanted to learn more about and do more with the sport.  I got my Level 1 Trainer Certificate and here I am ready to help you check off your own list of “firsts,” improve in areas you feel are you weaknesses, and just get a great workout in so you can live a longer, healthier life or even just cancel out something delicious.  Looking forward to meeting you!

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